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Due to the pandemic, there were many different industries out there that were hit hard and they have been struggling to keep their heads above water for the last couple of years or so. For instance, we definitely do not need to tell you just how difficult it was for the hospitality and traveling industries, but it seems that there is a glimmer of hope for them. However, there was one industry that actually benefited from this pandemic, and it was the online gambling one.


How Did the Online Gambling Industry Benefit?

Well, we will all remember how the entire world went into lockdown when the virus started spreading at the beginning of 2022. Flights were grounded, and all businesses, apart from those deemed essential, were closed in an attempt to try and stop the spread of the virus. This meant that billions around the globe were forced to stay stuck at home, and the best way that they could keep in touch with the outside world and remain entertained was via the Internet.

During lockdown, the number of visitors to various online resources increased dramatically by 50-70%, and the income of these companies increased fivefold. When people were searching for a type of entertainment, many decided to register with online casinos, of which there are many to choose from, no matter where you come from.

All of those casino players who used to gamble at brick-and-mortar casinos had no other option but to sign up with online casinos if they wanted to carry on playing their favourite casino games. Some countries even opted to take advantage of the situation - Belarus, for example, legalized online casinos, while Armenia decided to that they would wait before putting any restrictions on online gaming.

Betting on sports was not much of an option because the majority of sports across the world was called off. Although, having said this, the pandemic was very advantageous to eSports because these can be played with social distancing. Sports such as basketball and football took advantage of this, and many teams from these sports were keeping their fans entertained by organising fun eSport events.

All of the Latest and Interesting Gambling News

The world of online gambling is on that is growing all of the time, and it will carry on doing this in the present and in the distant future. There is no limit as to how far the online gambling world can go, and we are certainly looking forward to seeing the changes that take place in the next few years.

Thanks to this continuous growth, there will always be different interesting and new online gambling news floating around, and we decided to develop this site with the main intention of bringing the latest gambling news straight to you. You no longer need to search the Internet to find out the latest gambling world happenings - simply bookmark this site, and return regularly to see the most interesting and latest news.

Let us now take a look at some of the hottest topics in the gambling world at this current moment in time.

Online Casinos in India

You will not find online casinos in India thanks to the strict gambling rules that are in play, and there are not many land-based casinos in the country, with the majority of them being found in Goa and Sikkim. However, despite these strict regulations that are there to prevent gambling across India, Indians are still able to get their casino fix due to the fact that there are currently no laws that stop Indians from signing up with online casinos outside of India.

Let us take a look at some of the more interesting happenings in the Indian online casino world right now.

Online Gambling Ban in Karnatak: Above we mentioned that Indians can still play at online casinos, but those who live in Karnatak are no longer able to do so because the state’s government banned online gambling this year. However, despite such a ban, and even if other states decided to follow in Karnatak’s footsteps, the online casino revenue in India is still expected to grow by around three times in 2022.

Best Online Casinos for Indians in 2022: We are more than halfway through the year, so it stands to reason that we know some of the best online casinos that Indian casino players should try out this year. This includes the likes of Casino Days, Pure Win, and Mega Rush.

India is Set for a Huge Mobile Gaming Growth: It has been estimated that about 50% of smartphone users in India use their devices to play mobile games, with each one spending an average of over an hour each day enjoying mobile games. Therefore, it surely will come as no surprise to find out that India’s mobile gaming revenue is expected to increase to $943 million in 2022, which would make India one of the quickest-growing mobile markets out there in terms of revenue.

Online Casino Licenses

When it comes to online casino news, it is always worth checking out the latest happening with regard to online casino licenses since these are extremely important - no online casino can operate legally if they do not have a license from a gambling regulator. So, what is some of the latest online casino license news that we can bring you?

Argentina’s Cordoba Province to Legalise Online Gaming: The iGaming market in Argentina is expanding slowly and the province of Cordoba will soon sign a bill that will permit online gambling - it will include online casinos, lotteries, and sports betting. The Cordoba bill, as it is known, will allow those who can obtain a gambling license to offer online gambling. The maximum length of a license will stand at twenty years.

Playgon Games and Relax Gaming Create Licensing Agreement: Playgon Games, which is a software company that delivers mobile live dealer tech to online gambling operators have recently signed a software distribution and license agreement with Relax Gaming. The agreement will last for three years and should go on to help Playgon Games do bigger and better things.

WakeApp Given Permission to Promote iGaming Products: The Arizona Department of Gaming has given WakeApp, a new and upcoming mobile marketing agency, a license to promote iGaming products. As a result, those online gambling companies that sign up with this app can use their services to help them get thousands of new players to sign up from this state. Gambling has only recently been made legal in the state of Arizona, and in the first two months of legal gambling, it was estimated that people placed around $777 million worth of bets.


Online Casinos in Turkey

Turkey is an Islamic country, so it will not come as a great surprise to find out that Turkish online gambling laws prohibit online gambling in Turkey. However, while you will not find any online casinos in Turkey, those who call this great country their home can still play their favourite casino games as there are a variety of online casinos based outside the country that are happy to accept players from Turkey. Let us take a look at some of the latest online casino news from the Gateway to Asia.

Cryptocurrency is Increasing in Popularity: It is practically impossible for gamblers in Turkey to make use of bank accounts to fund their gambling and it is risky to try because those who are caught doing so can end up with big fines or face jail time. As a result, those online casinos that are happy to accept Turkish players are now offering cryptocurrency banking options as this allows their Turkish players to remain anonymous.

Football Betting

When it comes to popularity in sport, it is no exaggeration to say that football is the most popular - it has around 3.5 billion fans, meaning that close to half of the world’s population consider themselves to be a football fan. Many of these also like to bet on this entertaining sport from time to time and it opens itself up to gambling thanks to the variety of markets that all sports betting sites have for it. So, what are some of the latest happenings in the football betting world?

The Women’s Euros is reaching its conclusion: Women’s football is not given the same sort of recognition as men’s football, but from the attendance levels at the 2022 Women’s European Championship, it is clear to see that the women’s game is gaining in popularity. The tournament is now at the business end with just England, Sweden, France, and Germany left in. Any one of these four teams will feel that they can on to lift the title, but all of the participants can be proud about how they are helping put the women’s game on the map.

FA Cup Streaming Rights Will Not be Sold at Next Tender: At this current moment in time, those sports betting fans who have an account with big sports betting sites such as Bet365 can log into their account and watch live streams of certain FA Cup matches. However, the FA have recently announced that they will not sell the streaming rights for the FA Cup to betting companies when the next tender hits the market. The current deals run out in 2024, so it looks like sports bettors will not be able to watch the FA Cup action from their sportsbook account from 2024 onwards.

Pitch Invaders to Get Automatic Ban: Pitch invading is something that has become increasingly more annoying in the modern game of football, and a number of players are getting assaulted on the pitch, which is just not on. In order to try and deter fans from entering the pitch, anyone who illegally enters the pitch in England will receive an automatic club ban - no matter if their intentions are good or not. In addition to this, those fans who carry smoke bombs or use pyrotechnics will be banned and reported to the police.

Online Blackjack

There are plenty of popular online casino games, but it is safe to say that blackjack is the most popular by some distance. Not only is it a simple game to play, but it is also very entertaining. Let’s look at some of the latest news in the blackjack world, shall we?

The Four Most Popular Variants Have Been Announced: There are plenty of different blackjack variants out there, but now we know the four that are the most popular among blackjack players around the world. These are European blackjack, American blackjack, Spanish 21, and Face Up 21. So, if you are new to the blackjack world and are thinking about playing, you should think about checking these out a bit more.

The Best Blackjack Player Has Been Named: Over the years there has surely been plenty of great players of blackjack, but it is safe to say that one player stands out above the rest, and he has recently been called the best player ever. His name is Don Johnson and back in 2011 he won a crisp $15 million by playing blackjack at Atlantic City casinos over the course of six months.